Drunken Boxing

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Drunken Boxing: fighters get drunk

Welcome, fellow gamers, to the captivating realm of Drunken Boxing: an incredibly unique and hilarious game that pushes the boundaries of virtual sports! Developed by the talented team at RHM Interactive, this intoxicating title takes a lighthearted approach to combat, incorporating humor and innovative gameplay mechanics. Get ready to stumble your way through an unforgettable gaming experience like no other!

Tipsy Fists and Wobbly Kicks: The Gameplay

At first glance, you might question how successful you can be in a game that centers around inebriation. However, Drunken Boxing effortlessly combines the art of martial arts with the unpredictability of intoxication. As players progress, they learn to control their unsteady characters through a series of wacky yet entertaining moves. Imagine sending your opponent flying with a well-placed slap, all while battling your own wobbling legs. Bone-crushing laughs are guaranteed!

A couple of boxing fighters who are friends with each other and drunk

Drunken Boxing truly shines when played with friends. Engaging in mayhem against friends isn’t just fun but also a fantastic opportunity to show off your skills and witness the amusing chaos caused by others. Whether you’re trying to keep your character upright or executing a mind-boggling combo, competing in the virtual drinking ring with your friends is an absolute blast!

RHM Interactive is behind this masterpiece

No article about Drunken Boxing would be complete without highlighting the talented minds behind the game. RHM Interactive, known for their bold and innovative concepts, have once again exceeded all expectations with this unforgettable title. Their dedication to creating games that push boundaries and challenge conventional norms is commendable. Keep an eye out for future projects from this imaginative company as they continue to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The Drunken Boxing FAQ

What is Drunken Boxing?

Drunken Boxing is a unique fighting game that combines the art of traditional boxing with the unpredictable movements of a drunken fighter. It challenges players to master this unorthodox style and defeat opponents using unsteady footwork and unconventional attacks.

How does Drunken Boxing differ from other fighting games?

Unlike traditional fighting games, Drunken Boxing offers a fresh and comical take on combat. Players will need to embrace the unpredictability of their character’s movements, making it a highly entertaining and hilarious experience.

Who developed Drunken Boxing?

Drunken Boxing was developed by RHM Interactive, a renowned gaming company known for their innovative and creative game concepts. They pride themselves on creating unique and memorable gaming experiences.

Can I play Drunken Boxing with friends?

Absolutely! Drunken Boxing offers both single-player and two-player modes. Challenge your friends in two-player games or test your skills against AI opponents in single-player mode.

What platforms can I play Drunken Boxing on?

RHM Interactive has made sure that Drunken Boxing is accessible to a wide range of gamers. You can enjoy the game on popular platforms like PC, Mac, Ios, and Android.

Is Drunken Boxing appropriate for all ages?

Drunken Boxing is suitable for players of various ages, but it is recommended for those who enjoy comedic and light-hearted fighting games. The content is designed to be humorous rather than excessively violent, making it a fun choice for both younger and older players.

The pros of Drunken Boxing


  • Unique and entertaining concept: Drunken Boxing offers a fresh and original take on traditional fighting games, making it a great choice for players seeking something new and exciting.
  • Hilarious gameplay: The game incorporates comical and exaggerated movements, providing players with endless laughs and amusement.
  • 2 player mode: The game allows players to compete against friends, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.


  • Questionable portrayal of alcohol: By glamorizing drunkenness, the game may promote negative stereotypes associated with alcohol and potentially influence underage players.
  • Limited appeal: The humorous nature of the game may not resonate with everyone, making it a niche choice rather than a widely popular title.
  • Lack of depth: While the gameplay is entertaining, Drunken Boxing may lack the depth and complexity necessary to keep hardcore gamers engaged in the long run.
  • Repetitiveness: After spending a significant amount of time with the game, players may find that the novelty of the concept wears off, leading to a feeling of repetition and monotony.
  • Too many rounds: to win against your opponent you will have to defeat him 5 times, for a maximum of 9 fights. For those who like fast games, this game may not be suitable.


As we bid farewell to this spirited article, it’s evident that Drunken Boxing effortlessly combines martial arts, laughter, and a smidgen of inebriation to deliver an uproarious gaming experience. RHM Interactive has proven yet again that they’re not afraid to explore uncharted territories, leaving us eagerly anticipating what’s next. So grab a drink or not, gather your friends, and get your virtual fists ready to embrace the delightful chaos of Drunken Boxing. It promises to leave you laughing, both in-game and out! Cheers, gamers!

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