TrollFace Quest Horror 3

TrollFace Quest Horror 3 by Agame
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Horror makes us laugh

Is it time for scary and hilarious moments again? You bet! Get ready for another round of hilarious pranks in TrollFace Quest Horror 3! However you spell his name, TrollFace is a true master when it comes to trolling your favorite TV shows, movies, memes, and video games. In this installment of the popular TrollFace Quest game series, TrollFace has trained his team of passionate pranksters to target mischievous sprites, evil clones, vengeful voodoo priests, and a host of other bizarre characters from nearly a century of classic horror and contemporary horror.

What evil character do we find?

Can you solve all the exciting scenarios in this point-and-click puzzle game? As in the other games in the TrollFace series, the solution could be particularly convoluted. You’ll need to focus and have the determination of a hero in a horror movie if you want to survive long enough to find out who or what is waiting for you in the dazzling final level!

How do I play TrollFace Quest Horror 3?

TrollFace Quest Horror 3 is a fun horror game. You just have to click on the right character or object to activate the wacky solution in each scene. If you get stuck, hit the hint button.

Game commands

To find out what happens, press on the characters in the game, hold down the left mouse button, or place your finger on a specific point and move your finger!

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