Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy
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Fifteen minutes to match the tiles

Mahjongg Alchemy is a puzzle game where the player has to match identical tiles to clear them from the board. You have 15 minutes to figure out as many tiles as possible.

Find identical tiles

You have to find matching icons and combine playable tiles in this mahjong game. Tiles with at least one side free are the playable ones. Tap a playable tile, then another with the same picture. The game will be removed from the board if both tiles are playable. Choose the combinations that will give you the most new tiles.

The countdown timer shows when the game ends

A 15-minute countdown will be visible at the top. How many levels can you complete before time runs out? If you run out of moves, the game will end, and a new tile layout will appear for you to try again. However, the timer will still run.

How do I select tiles in Mahjongg Alchemy?

Select tiles with the mouse or tap them with your finger on touchscreen devices.

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