Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump
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A block that skips the risks

Geometry Jump is a game of skill where you have to react quickly when spikes, walls, and other obstacles appear in your path. How far will you be able to progress in this difficult game? In this game, you have to use your brightly colored blocks to jump over obstacles. Your goal is to reach the portals that mark the end of the various sections of each level. Portals also function as checkpoints, allowing you to respawn and continue playing if your character dies.

Features that can be distracting about Geometry Jump

The bar at the top of the screen lets you track your progress through each level. Don’t let the changing background colors distract you, as more traps and obstacles are on the way.

How do I slow down the game?

Did you know that you can change the speed of the levels? If you’re having trouble keeping up with this challenging game, hit the pause button in the top-right corner of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. You can slow down the game’s speed here. This is a great way to learn how to handle the more difficult sections of the game. When you’ve learned a level at a slower pace, try increasing your speed to see if you can do it at a faster pace.

How do I play Geometry Jump?

To jump, use the up arrow or left click.

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