Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution
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Grow a skinny stickman

Tall Man Evolution is a running game where you have to grow your skinny stickman taller and taller. Avoid the obstacles because each one will make your stickman shrink a little. He will fall apart if he gets too skinny!

Stay away from the red gates

As you run along the path, you will come across gates that will increase your character’s width or height. Keep an eye out for the red gates, which will make your running stickman lose height and weight. Swipe left or right and run around obstacles to avoid them. You can also run on the purple buttons, blasting obstacles with your stickman.

Increase your height to beat the giant

Try to gain enough mass to make your way through the obstacle course at the end of each level. If you’ve gathered enough mass to keep your stickman from shattering, you might even be able to defeat the giant in the end!

How can I control the character in Tall Man Evolution?

Use the mouse to control your character; hold and swipe left or right.

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