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You can destroy everything is a 2D multiplayer .io game with a map that can be completely destroyed. Fight against other players with guns, tanks, and other destructive weapons. There are several maps and game modes to choose from. Log in to gain experience and level up!

You can change many weapons

You can use over 20 different weapons to defeat your opponents. Each loadout will contain multiple weapons, which can be easily switched using the number keys.

Get in the jeep

Along with handheld weapons, jeeps and tanks can be used to quickly traverse the map. Tanks can do more damage thanks to their powerful rockets and armor, but they only fit in one place. There is room for one more passenger in the jeeps, who can get in and shoot enemies out the window.

Become the strongest

In, everyone starts at the same level. However, as you progress through the levels, you’ll gain access to unlockable perks and weapons that will give you an edge on the battlefield. These include health and weapon damage perks, as well as various speed boosts to improve your efficiency in battle.

Talk about strategy with your team

Since is a multiplayer online game, you can communicate with your teammates using the emoji wheel. To access this menu, simply right-click. If you stick with the BattleDudes mission, you’ll be able to unlock new emojis that show your elite status. A weekly leaderboard is also available to registered users.

How to start playing

Perks are stackable, meaning two equal perks will have double the effect. Ammo and Health Packs are dropable items that you can use to help your friends. Grenades do little damage to vehicles but a lot to other players. Every object can be destroyed!

How do I use weapons?

W, A, S, and D move characters; the left mouse button fires; R reloads; and E enters vehicles. To switch weapons, use the mouse scroll or number keys 1-4, M, or Tab to zoom the map, and you can customize the controls in Settings.

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