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A bloodthirsty alien on is on the same ship

Play a quick game of to have fun and conquer the galaxy. The idea for the game came from another popular game, Among Us. In, the main objective is to take control of an evil alien that directly affects people. All users are on the same ship, and everyone knows what is at stake. Use physical tools to kill all your enemies. Get energy cubes to level up and get stronger. Keep fighting until you become the best player. Don’t let your health get too low.

Kill other people with the same skills

You won’t find a better game if you like free-for-all online combat. The gameplay is standard for this type of game, and the setting is fun and new. It’s very gratifying to finally be able to kill other people without crawling into vents. Find a good target, hit it, get your rewards, and then run away. No hiding, no pretense; just intense action and epic gameplay moments. The only problem is that you have the same skills as other players. If you train your reactions and learn to fight well, you will always win. How to play

Move the mouse cursor to direct the alien. You will go where the pointer points. Use the left mouse button to hit and the right mouse button to move faster. The second one will consume some of your energy, so make good use of it. Go get more cubes to level up and improve your character’s stats. Also adds some life to the health bar. Avoid danger and seek energy when you are about to die.
Enjoy playing a short, free game. Find out how the game works, guess what your opponents will do, and you will dominate the server. Can you become the most dangerous attacker from space? Come to the interstellar battle to find out!

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