Block Champ

Block Champ
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A tetris game with blocks that don’t go down

Block Champ is a 10×10 Tetris-style game with some unexpected twists. Make rows of horizontal and vertical blocks to remove them from the game and increase your score. Block Champ is similar to Tetris, but with some differences. You can choose to play with multicolored blocks or just one color at the start. Instead of trying to fit blocks in horizontal rows as they fall, place the pieces yourself anywhere on the board. As in 10×10, you can erase lines both horizontally and vertically. There are also several larger blocks than in Tetris, so you have to take into account the available space. If there is no space for a particular block, it will be grayed out and disabled.

Unusual twists on Block Champ

Lightning bolts and ice blocks add more twists to Block Champ. When two lightning bolts align, they delete a line without having to fill in all the spaces. After a row has been cleared, the ice blocks recreate a square in the same position.

Game over

When you can no longer fit the remaining pieces on the board, it’s game over, and you get your final score to try to beat next time.

How do I add pieces?

To move the pieces, drag the left mouse button.

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