Bubble Game 3

Bubble Game 3
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Let’s pop the bubble field

Bubble Game 3 is a classic game where you shoot and pop bubbles. The game is mostly done the same way as Space Invaders. Start with nine rows of bubbles that cover just over half of the playing field. The main objective is to shoot the bubble field by shooting from a turret at the bottom of the screen, one bubble at a time of a different color.

Let’s throw bubbles

If the bubble hits one of the same color, they both pop, starting a beautiful chain reaction that’s a lot of fun to watch. If the bubble hits bubbles that don’t match, nothing will happen. Instead, the bubble is attached to one of the bubbles on the field. This causes more bubbles to appear on the screen. Be careful not to attack too many bubbles, as this increases the difficulty of the game and the likelihood of defeat.

Let’s make the bubbles disappear

The chain reaction is what makes this game so insanely fun. The more bubbles there are, the better. Since the goal of this game is to keep shooting until all the bubbles are gone, the best way to shoot strategically is to start a chain reaction. Also, when the game is over, the last few bubbles pop all at once, setting off a huge chain reaction.

Watch out for the advancing wall

Bubble Game 3 requires strategy because, like in Space Invaders, the bubbles advance one row. After a few throws, the wall of bubbles approaches us. If the bubbles go all the way down, we have lost.

In the beginning of Bubble Game 3, make easy shots

As a first step, we suggest shooting a bubble in the direction of others of the same color, which is easy to do. Once we understand how Bubble Game 3 works, we will be able to make more daring shots.

Place the bubbles in a planned way

Sometimes you get bubbles of colors you don’t want. You may find this kind of bubble annoying because we can’t pop anything and the bubble wall is getting closer. But they give you the ability to stick the bubbles in a way that makes it easy to pop them later.

Try to get few points

Scoring is based on the number of bubbles you pop. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you get. Avoid getting high scores. Few people know it, but in Bubble Game 3, low scores mean you shot quickly and accurately.

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