Stupid Zombies

stupid zombies
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Will a brave hero be able to stop the Stupid Zombies?

Once again, hordes of Stupid Zombies are moving into the city and taking over. The local population is in danger of being killed by these horrible animals. To prevent this from happening, a brave hero comes to the rescue. You will be responsible for this hero. You are the only one who can stop Stupid Zombies and keep people alive. Are you ready for a trip you will never forget? The figure you control will be a cool bounty hunter. This man is not afraid of anything or anyone, and it shows! With his courage and sharp eyes, it will be much easier to kill Stupid Zombies and wipe them off the face of the earth.

Aim and use your shots wisely

There are four different locations where Stupid Zombies have built their homes in front of you. In each place, there are only 30 steps. Also, the levels are easy to finish in the first place, harder in the second, and so on. Choose one, then go towards the bloodthirsty creatures. There will be many Stupid Zombies standing on different levels on the screen. You will need to aim your shots so that you can kill more enemies with fewer bullets. The bullet will ricochet off the wall and hit each of the Stupid Zombies as it keeps going.

Become famous all over the country

Keep in mind that there is only so much ammo, and each weapon needs to be used to its fullest. To overcome this challenge, players will need to be very focused and think outside the box. You will not only have to show how good you are at shooting and how accurate you are, but you will also have to use your brain and show how well you can think. Today is your chance to make history and become a national star.

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