The Mergest Kingdom

The Mergest Kingdom
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Merge resources for the army

Hundreds of new objects and uncharted lands await you in The Mergest Kingdom, a fantastic match-3 game where you build a kingdom by merging groups of objects. The player has the freedom to shape the island to his liking by planting wheat, pumpkins, and other crops and building houses for the game’s protagonists. To progress through the game and gain access to new regions, the player needs to amass an army and train his members.

How to start playing The Mergest Kingdom

Three items are the bare minimum to combine them and create a more powerful item. However, the player can get two more powerful items by fusing five identical ones. The player can access new tools by cutting wood, chiselling stones, and collecting rubies. The player earns crowns to increase his EXP and coins to use for purchasing other items for each fusion. There are daily quests with minor rewards and major events with substantial loot in this game. Each uncharted region contains new characters and unique loot.

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