Idle Arks Sail and Build

Idle Arks Sail and Build
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Trapped by the ocean

In this Idle Arks Sail and Build ocean survival game, you will help a group of shipwrecked people led by Adam. Adam was cut off from the mainland and had to survive. In this entry in the acclaimed series, he must build a raft in a hurry. When it’s ready, they’ll be able to sail the ocean.

Exploit the resources brought by the sea

The ocean is much more active than it appears. Along the way, he’ll make friends, help them build rafts, find and use helpful resources, open the occasional treasure chest, and even bring home pets.

Idle Arks Sail and Build: How to play?

Idle Arks Sail and Build is a fun and relaxing RPG-style building game. Follow the adventures of Adam, a brave castaway, as he builds a raft and sets out to explore the ocean. He will have to find food and water, build sails, and look for other survivors.

The rules of the game

With a left click, you can start building floors and collecting materials.

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