Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing
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Earn with fish

Tiny Fishing is a simple game to learn. Just cast your line, then use your mouse to click and swipe left to right to hook the fish. Each fish you catch is worth money based on its rarity.

Increase your earnings on Tiny Fishing

Three upgrades are available to help you earn more. The number of fish caught, the depth to which the line can be cast, and the amount of money earned offline. The deeper you cast your line, the more likely you are to catch high-value fish. Offline earnings are simply funds earned while the game is closed.

Catch the best fish

To maximize your earnings, catch high-value fish. Upgrade your passive earnings and leave the game running while you do something else. It’s not just about catching more fish. Increase your maximum depth to unlock more valuable sea creatures.

Catch multiple fish with one fishing line

Cast your line as far as possible to catch as many fish as possible, then go deeper to collect more valuable fish species. Upgrade your hooks and line to catch more fish and make money while you’re away.

How do I fish on Tiny Fishing?

Drag the left mouse button left and right to catch as many fish as possible.

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