Endless Siege

Endless Siege
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Defeat enemies

Endless Siege is a tower defense game where you have to survive waves of enemies. To defeat the besieging enemies, place various defense towers in strategic locations. Level up the towers and upgrade them to stronger units. See how many waves you can make it through before being overwhelmed by a horde of warring beasts! Anuto TD inspired this game.

Place your defenses

Place turrets in the available spaces to play Endless Siege. Place these turrets near the entrance, where enemies will arrive at the start of the game. When you’re done preparing your defenses, press the next wave button to start the first wave.

Upgrade your weapons

Before and during enemy waves, you can level up, upgrade, and sell your defenses. The ballista, Torch, cannon, and Timewarp are the starting defense weapons. Much later in the game, you will be able to upgrade these weapons to completely new and more technologically advanced tower defenses. These upgraded weapons are significantly more powerful but are also very expensive in gold. Save up gold from previous rounds in anticipation of these updates.

Endless Siege’s game features

Fun and addictive action that gradually descends into chaos, with a new map added to the game every day. Four defense turrets with a variety of upgrades and endless hordes of various relentless orcs.

How do I build the towers?

Use the left mouse button.

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