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Mahjongg Candy
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The challenge of Mahjongg with a delicious candy-inspired twist

In today’s digital world, online games have become a popular way to relax and unwind. And what better way to exercise your brain and indulge your sweet tooth than with Arkadium’s Mahjongg Candy? This addictive game has taken the gaming community by storm, combining the challenge of Mahjongg with a delicious candy-inspired twist. Join us as we explore the mesmerizing world of Mahjongg Candy, while discovering the charms of the company behind this innovative game, Arkadium.

A Modern Twist on a Classic Game

Mahjongg Candy, developed by Arkadium, is a captivating reimagining of the traditional Chinese game of Mahjongg. While the core gameplay remains intact, players will find themselves irresistibly drawn into a whimsical world filled with colorful candy tiles and delightful animations. Each matched set of candies rewards you with satisfying visual effects, making this game a treat for both the eyes and the mind.

Sweet Strategy and Brain Teasing

Mahjongg Candy is not just a visually pleasing game – it’s also a mental workout. With its complex layouts and intricate tile arrangements, players are constantly challenged to strategize and plan their moves wisely. The game gradually increases in difficulty, rewarding those with sharp concentration and quick decision-making skills. From beginners to seasoned players, Mahjongg Candy offers an enjoyable challenge for everyone.

The Genius Behind Arkadium

Arkadium, the renowned game development company responsible for Mahjongg Candy, has been crafting addictive and engaging online games. With a commitment to creating immersive and innovative experiences, they have gained a reputation for delivering high-quality entertainment. Arkadium’s expertise shines through in Mahjongg Candy, where every detail, from the captivating visuals to the seamless gameplay, highlights their industry-leading craftsmanship.

A Healing Dose of Fun

In our fast-paced lives, it’s important to find moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Mahjongg Candy provides just that. As you escape into the world of sugar-coated tiles and soothing background music, your stress and worries melt away, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether it’s during a short break or a leisurely evening, Mahjongg Candy is the perfect companion to unwind and recharge.

What questions do you usually ask us about Mahjongg Candy?

What is Mahjongg Candy?

Mahjongg Candy is a fun and addictive game where players match identical candy tiles to clear them from the board. It brings the classic Mahjongg game to life with a sweet twist!

How do I play Mahjongg Candy?

The objective of the game is to clear all the candy tiles from the board by matching pairs of identical tiles. You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on both the left and right sides.

Is Mahjongg Candy available on mobile devices?

Yes! Mahjongg Candy is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere!

Is Mahjongg Candy a multiplayer game?

While Mahjongg Candy doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, it does offer a leaderboard where you can compete against friends on the same device to get the highest score.

Who created Mahjongg Candy?

Mahjongg Candy is a creation of Arkadium, a leading game development company known for its innovative and addictive games.

Are there any power-ups or special tiles in Mahjongg Candy?

Yes! Mahjongg Candy includes special tiles such as Shuffle. These power-ups can be used strategically to help you progress through challenging levels, thanks to its ability to rearrange tiles. This way, if you were stuck, you will quickly find new combinations to remove from the board. Use it wisely, as this power-up reduces your time by 20 seconds.

Is Mahjongg Candy suitable for all ages?

Yes, Mahjongg Candy is a family-friendly game suitable for players of all ages. It provides a mix of relaxation and brain exercise, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Is there a time limit in Mahjongg Candy?

There is a time limit in Mahjongg Candy to clear all tiles from the board. This increases the difficulty of the game.

What do we like and not?

Pros of Mahjongg Candy

  • Engaging gameplay: Mahjongg Candy provides an exciting and addictive gaming experience, keeping players entertained for hours.
  • Boosts cognitive skills: This game requires strategic thinking, pattern recognition, and memory skills, offering a mental workout for players.
  • Relaxing and stress-relieving: Mahjongg Candy’s colorful graphics and soothing music create a calming ambiance, making it an excellent option for relaxation and unwinding.
  • Accessible to all: Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to the gaming world, Mahjongg Candy’s simple mechanics and user-friendly interface make it accessible to players of all ages and experience levels.
  • Endless levels and challenges: With an extensive range of levels and increasingly difficult challenges, Mahjongg Candy ensures that players never get bored and always have something new to tackle.
  • High-quality graphics and design: Mahjongg Candy boasts visually pleasing graphics, vibrant colors, and a sleek interface that enhances the overall gaming experience.
  • Candy image tiles: This mahjongg game features candy image tiles, making the experience sweeter and more colorful.

Cons of Mahjongg Candy

  • Time-consuming: Due to its addictive nature, Mahjongg Candy may consume significant amounts of your time, leading to a potential decrease in productivity in other areas of life.
  • Repetitive gameplay: Despite the variety of levels, the basic mechanics of Mahjongg Candy remain the same throughout, which can become monotonous for some players after extended periods of time.
  • Limited social interaction: Mahjongg Candy does not offer extensive multiplayer or social features, limiting interaction with other players and missing out on the opportunity for a more engaging community experience.
  • Potential Frustration: Some players may become frustrated with getting stuck and having a countdown, resulting in decreased enjoyment and loss of interest. The game is a bit complicated for novices due to the short time available.


As we bid farewell to traditional Mahjongg and embrace the mesmerizing world of Mahjongg Candy by Arkadium, we are transported to a realm of candy-coated challenges and strategical triumphs. With its addictive gameplay, seamless design, and the ability to connect with others, Mahjongg Candy is a modern take on a beloved classic. Arkadium’s expertise in delivering exceptional gaming experiences shines through in this incredible creation. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the sugary world of Mahjongg Candy and experience the sweet taste of success!

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