Run Boys

Run Boys
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Run in an animal costume

A player’s avatar appears as an animal costumed character in the three-dimensional running game Run Boys. Try to win the races by guiding your character while avoiding or fighting the dangers.

Hurry up to overcome obstacles

In Single-player mode, the player uses weapons to battle against bot enemies. Advance to the next level if you win. If he fails, he has to watch an ad or give up. In multiplayer mode, players must run, jump, slide, and avoid colliding with other players’ avatars and obstacles to avoid leveling down while running. They could direct their avatar to run on spinning cylinders, avoid pendulums and beach balls, walk around emergent floor walls, climb deep side pits, or walk slowly through spinning paddlewheels. If they finish first, they go to the next round. If they fail, they are disqualified from the race.

Enter races using coins in Run Boys

The player earns gold coins in Run Boys, which he must pay to participate in multiplayer races. With a time bonus, they can increase their winnings. However, coins can be obtained by accessing a piggy bank, opening chests, and watching ads.

Watch the announcements for boosts

Avatar clothing and other items, skills, and upgrades are purchased with gold and another currency, gems. For example, the player can gain both permanent and random skills, such as the ability to jump or provide leadership. In addition, he can purchase Frost and Poison Spheres, shields, damage upgrades, heals, and scrolls to upgrade amulets, potions, rings, stockings, and totems. You have to watch ads to equip your avatar with many items.

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