Cat Runner

Cat Runner
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A Cat Runner thief wants your savings

In Cat Runner, you have to get away from thieves as fast as possible. When you were counting your hard-earned money, a man came up to you and started following you. He intends to steal you. You should get away from them, but there are many things in your way. Can you keep your money safe and escape from thieves?

A cat in trouble

You play as one of the most popular cats of all time in Cat Runner. He is fat, talks a lot, and is very cute. But now he’s in trouble. A villain is trying to rob you. You have to save yourself and your money. You are good to go if you can run as fast as possible. But he is careful. There are many things in your way.

Obstacles in the path

Buses, cars, and barricades are just some of these things. If you run into these things, you’ll need to slow down, or you might get caught by thieves. So, try to race carefully and make sure you always have a clear lane.

Use the money

Don’t forget that you can use your skateboard or other vehicles that you can get. Of course, you’ll also collect a lot of coins along the way. This means that you will be able to improve your points and coins. With these coins, you can buy and sell new skins. So, play carefully, do your daily tasks, and make sure you get your daily rewards.

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