Tallman Run

Tallman Run
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Grow your stickman

In Tallman Run, let’s see how far you can go. Will you be able to complete all the obstacle courses in this online running game? Take control of a brave stick figure and try to be the first to cross the finish line. You can collect power-ups along the way to make him fatter and taller. Unfortunately, there are many hurdles in this Stickman 3D game that will shrink your stickman to its original size. Control your stickman as he attempts to master various levels, collecting a myriad of gems along the way. You can spend your coins to unlock new characters.

Avoid getting small on Tallman Run

Tallman Run is a fun and challenging game of skill. Navigate a stick figure through a series of obstacle courses filled with obstacles. Each of these obstacles will greatly reduce your stickman’s height and size, so you’ll need to collect power-ups to help him grow as big as possible.

What controls do I use to play?

Move your stickman through the levels with the mouse.

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